CED Innovation

Arched Skyscraper ©

An Arched Skyscraper will glorify the skyline between two landmasses and allows the magnificent view to be appreciated from a birds eye view.

The structure will provide usable floor space, that can be let for hotels, offices, and private apartments for discerning buyers, so they can enjoy the view from a suitable vantage point.

We have the ability to deliver a grander vision, and one that will finance itself from the revenue from hotels, apartments and offices. There will be retail outlets and everything needed for a self contained mini-city in the sky. There will be excellent high speed links to ground level car parks, and a heliport on the crest of the arch for VIPs.

This iconic Arched Skyscraper with the integral suspension bridge will become an ideal tourist destination.

The tallest skyscraper is no longer cutting news, as it is forever exceeded. However, the Arched Skyscraper that connects two landmasses is a grand endeavor that will be less likely to be matched elsewhere.

Furthermore, we have the technology to give the illusion that the arched structure is floating in air, using high strength transparent materials and high powered natural light LEDs which mimic the dynamic skyline in real-time. Essentially we can paint a dynamic mural of the sky on part of the structure’s storey levels near the horizon, such that from vantage points, it will appear as if the arched skyscraper is floating by day, and lighting used to give that impression at night.

A bridge deck can be suspended from the Arched Skyscraper and have the discreet island touched from the sky that will appear as if it is floating. In this century we can do better justice to the vision with a bridge that is itself a work of modern art and a technical marvel. It will also be an iconic gateway.

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